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Monday, November 30, 2015


Live in the present, before the present becomes the past.
Get Inspired With Me #4

This quote is a pretty big challenge for me. I am definitely guilty of thinking more about the future than the present. Why? Sometimes to escape what's happening now; sometimes because I'm afraid of what's to come.
Fear of the future is anxiety.
Now, I am not saying that that we should all be afraid of the future, or that if you are you have some kind of anxiety disorder; but I think we've all had those moments. No one can see into the future, and the vastness of all the possibilities can be overwhelming.
Even if you're not afraid of the future, you can still be guilty of forgetting to live in the now. I've noticed that sometimes I think of the future as a way to escape what is happening currently. I want so badly for my future goals to happen now that sometimes it stunts me.
 But if you're not doing anything right now, working toward that future, you are not going to have that future!
It's good to have goals, but getting to wrapped up in your future, can erase the possibility of it.

My goal this week is...

To live in the now. To wake up and look forward to what I'm going to do today. To motivate myself with what I have to live for now, not just in the future.

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Remember you are worth it, and you do deserve happiness.


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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sarah x Fall 2015

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Remember you are worth it, and you do deserve happiness.


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Monday, October 12, 2015

4 Ways to Know if She's a Real Friend

In life we all need friends. Friends are the ones that catch us when we've fallen. Without them, life is ten times harder.
Having bad friends, friends who aren't really there for you, can be just as bad, though. If a friend leaves when the going gets tough, then you can be sure he's not a good friend. So here are four ways to know if your friend is the real deal.


Is your friend there when you really need them? Or are they always busy trying to get involved with the 'in' crowd? If a friend prioritizes you and the rest of her friends by popularity, she or he needs to go. A true friend will be there when you most need them. If she's constantly letting you down, and hurting you in the process, it's time to say goodbye.


Yes this is a cliche, but it's one for a reason. If your friend is constantly getting mad and not telling you why - that's a problem. The same applies in reverse. Of course, it's also a problem if your friend is ignoring your efforts to talk to them. If you're constantly telling your friend that somethings wrong and she ignores you it's a sign - a sign that she's not a good friend.


If there's a lot of tension between the two of you, something is very wrong. The same applies for if you're constantly getting into fights. The only way to solve this problem is to talk. Be prepared for the talk to end badly. That's not always a bad thing, though. Talking it out and getting angry will be a relief and may allow you to be friends with them in the future. If they refuse to talk, wave them goodbye. In the end, loosing a bad friend will only prevent further harm - for the both of you.


As people grow older, they change. It's a known fact of life and it's perfectly alright. If you're noticing that all the things you once had in common are gone, or that everything you believe in she now opposes maybe it's time to say goodbye. It's ok to let go of old friends and move on to new ones - as long as it's for the right reasons.

All I'm trying to say is that you deserve good friends, real friends. Sometimes it necessary to let go of old friends for your own sake. Your happiness comes first, and good friends can help you with that.

x x

Remember you are worth it, and you do deserve happiness.


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Friday, October 9, 2015

Wild - Troye Sivan EP

It's Friday.
I found some stuff.
Let's go.

Friday Finds #1

I mean, just wow.
What an amazing EP.
I have been a fan of Troye's for quite some time, but I was blown away by WILD. His first EP was, to me, mediocre. Good, but not great. Which, if you think about it, is pretty good for a first EP. The leap of improvement is just incredible. The songs on WILD are incredibly unique and beautiful. His songs are interesting and mix different sounds and genres. Not to mention, his voice has a beautiful and soft tone. As someone who strives to be in the music industry, this is incredibly inspirational. Improvement is after all the ultimate goal.

I would encourage you all to check this EP out. Not only is Troye a talented musician but also such a genuine and down to earth guy!

Happy Friday!

x x

Remember you are worth it, and you do deserve happiness.


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Monday, October 5, 2015

5 Makeup Products You Need

Makeup is a a lot more than some people cut it out to be.
Nowadays, wearing makeup makes you "fake" or "insecure." Personally, I find it sad that people even use the word fake in that connotation.
What, is she plastic? A clone? Not real?
As far as I'm concerned fake isn't a legitimate insult.
Moving past that, as of recently I've started seeing makeup as an art form. On my own face, I don't like putting on a lot of makeup, but I love being challenged to glam up a face that isn't as familiar as my own. To me, it's like painting on a dynamic, 100% unique canvas. I'm still learning and becoming familiar with more intense and artistic makeup, but when it comes to basics I've got you covered.
Here are 5 must have makeup products!

1. Graphic Liner - Makeup Forever

Liquid liner can take your look from a 7 to a 10 in one stroke! It's perfect for framing your eyes or adding a dramatic wing. This liner stays put, and gives a super defined, super black payoff. Unlike some cheaper eyeliners, you don't have to press super hard to get a dark line. The felt tip makes application easy and quick.

2. Super Sizer Mascara - Covergirl

As far as mascaras go, this one is incredible! It makes your lashes thick and incredibly long. Just one coat makes our lashes look like falsies. Of all the mascaras I've ever tried this one is the most stunning.

3. Match Perfection Concealer - Rimmel

When I first got this concealer I thought I would run out of it right away. However, while the tube looks tiny, it  has lasted me months. This concealer has great coverage while maintaining a natural look. It also gives a subtle highlight which is perfect for under the eyes.

4. Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder - NYC

This bronzer costs so little and works so well! It gives a great contour and helps accentuate the cheekbones. It doesn't come out orange and works well while still being subtle! This is the perfect option if you're on a budget.

5. Tinted Lip Balm (Rose) - Burt's Bees

While lipstick is fun and much more opaque, I like saving that for special occasions. This is perfect for a natural tint of red across the lips. It's moisturizing and looks beautiful.

x x

Remember you are worth it, and you do deserve happiness.


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